Monday, September 1, 2008


The smell of butter cream frosting takes me back to that special day that I shared my forever words to Chad. My wedding day. For some reason there is nothing like the smell of a fantabulous wedding cake. The smell takes me back to yester-year.

As soon as I walked into Elm's Bake Shoppe, I knew that something wonderful was going on. Indeed, Sandy and George were eagerly baking treasures for upcoming brides and grooms. The scent of butter, cream, sugar, and sweet vanilla perfumed the air. Their cakes are absolutely scrumptious and look equally as great. Simply said, an edible sculpture of art. Here are some cakes they have prepared for some very special weddings.


Jody said...

mmMMmm! I'm not a Great baker; but I enjoy baking.

And I make Buttercream Icing. It's the B O M B!!

*Lissa* said...


Christina said...

Yumo! Those look divine. What a fun photoshoot!