Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Met a Super Mommy

Jenny called and wanted some portraits made of her little ones. Come to find out we are almost neighbors and our kiddos go to the most awesome school district in San Antonio, NEISD. I had no clue that all four of them (and of course the parents) were so stinkin' cute! The kiddos were super fun to be around. They invited me to play with them on their swing set, trampoline, and in the grass. Each kid was so different, but yet the love they had for one another was so alike. At the end of the shoot they still had a ton of energy to go play soccer. Mom was so easy going, beautiful, and seemed so organized and "put together". Now that is a super-MOM! Jenny, thank you for letting me capture some memories of your kiddos, I loved it! And kiddos, thanks for letting me play!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall in South Texas

I often think about the cool breeze (sometimes freakin' freezing cold wind) that the Carolina's would bring to my skin. I loved the season wearing of a nice fluffy scarf, wool jacket and maybe even some ear muffs as I would pack my teacher bag full of graded lab reports and projects and head out the door to my wonderful "Tiger land" (our mascot was a tiger). I loved so many things about North Carolina that I was sad so many times... I missed my classroom, my friends, my house, my neighbors, my dirt that did not consist of limestone rock. Well finally this past weekend I got my fix of what was a glimpse of the color changes that I would see in NC....right here in my backyard at the Guadalupe River. I went up the road a bit to our nature river and captured this. My little North Carolina born angel playing in a fall background...it takes me back 4 years ago...ummmm....my fix.

I am a Failure, and I Love It!

One of my "favorite-est" photographers in the whole-wide-world is Jasmine. I swear she is a picture taking genius. She recently posted something so near and dear to my heart. Every single day I think about becoming better... a better wife, a better mom, a better sister, a better daughter, a better photographer. Sometimes I get so frustrated because an image I knew I had, turned out to be a Crap Shoot because my ISO was not perfect, or my Shutter speed was too low, or this or that...what Jasmine shared made me realize that the skills we do have are because of failures. We have to fail to succeed...does that make sense?

So on the spur of the moment, my friend gave me a tangerine off her tangerine tree (she spoils me every fall) and I snapped an impromptu pic...kinda crapshoot, terrible composition, but heck, practice might lead to greatness!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where the Heck Have I Been...

Okay, the last month of my life has been a tornado. I have been so busy, in fact a couple of times I felt to busy to breathe. You see my wonderful Army hubby had to leave us for the last two months to venture off to Army land. So it has been me the not-always- super- mommy who I so wish I was. But, to say the least, I survived. Heck, we survived...the kidlet, the fish, the canaries, the dogs, and the squirrels (yes I am a nature and animal girl).

So I have been super swamped with Christmas shoots a couple of quinceaneras and October weddings. I am trying so hard to schedule everything before the second week in December, but I booked up so fast, I had some fall over and am having to now go into December week #2. I love meeting so many great people in fact I wonder where some have been my whole life. Love it and love them!

I have a ton to post, but will post this little cutie as her first birthday was about a month ago :} Her mommy got the proofs a while back, but Baby Davis is just way to cute to pass up this blog!

PS...those of you who are still wanting to book your Christmas session, I have a two more spots available this weekend at the McNay Art Museum and 3 slots available next weekend. Please call me as soon as possible, because these will go fast. What a bargain....25 Customized Holiday Cards and 1 High Resolution Image! Wow! Woohooo...bring on Santa!