Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall in South Texas

I often think about the cool breeze (sometimes freakin' freezing cold wind) that the Carolina's would bring to my skin. I loved the season wearing of a nice fluffy scarf, wool jacket and maybe even some ear muffs as I would pack my teacher bag full of graded lab reports and projects and head out the door to my wonderful "Tiger land" (our mascot was a tiger). I loved so many things about North Carolina that I was sad so many times... I missed my classroom, my friends, my house, my neighbors, my dirt that did not consist of limestone rock. Well finally this past weekend I got my fix of what was a glimpse of the color changes that I would see in NC....right here in my backyard at the Guadalupe River. I went up the road a bit to our nature river and captured this. My little North Carolina born angel playing in a fall takes me back 4 years fix.


Jody said...

Beautiful girl and beautiful photo's of her. Great work!

Christina said...

She is beautiful! I especially love that storybaord. Yes, fall in Texas definitely can have its perks!

Cara said...

I love the colors, the story board is beautiful. Up North here the fall colors are now gone and the cold winds have taken over, we already had one mild snow fall.

ES-Sense said...

Wow! I'd love to visit Texax one day during fall! These are lovely! Oh and thank you for visiting my blog site! ;-D

Anonymous said...


As my wife and I read and looked at your thoughts and images we could see the wonderful work you do with your lenses and even better how beautiful your hearth is. It is a real blessing to have you in earth.
With Love

Eduardo y Maria