Tuesday, September 16, 2008

High School Seniors

Such a wonderful time in the life of an 18 year old. So many dreams and ideas are swirling around in their head. The sky is the limit and they are at the starting point. Funny how they are so sure about going to college and living on their "own" but really don't know where they are going nor what they are going to college for. I think that is okay. When I was a HS Science teacher I saw so many kids go to college and declare a major that mom or dad wanted and the kid did not enjoy nor embrace their hard work. Instead they became mixed up in the wrong crowd and not to savy of grades. Poor mom's and dad's....checks to higher ed down the drain. It is a lesson to put in your back pocket, never do what someone else thinks you should do, unless your own heart is in it (it seems to work out better that way).

This young man knows he is headed to college. On the day of this shoot, it started out as a family (of eleven) photoshoot. But turned out that he thought these images could be his "senior pictures". I was glad to deliver. He is from California and was on a short visit here in San Antonio with his family. Their only agenda in Texas on this warm sun soaked day was to go to church and to spend an afternoon with me and my camera. I am so blessed to have this California and Utah and Ft. Hood family as newly found friends. Each one of them are super gorgeous inside and out. Thanks for a great time and a warming of my soul.

And for my blogging friends.... I will post more of their images soon.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Are You My Age?

I am an 80's girl who listened to Aerosmith, Chaka Chan, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, and yes... Milli Vanilli. Geez...I am so dating myself. My internet friend Matt shared this on his blog and I have been jammin' out all day. If you are in your 30's....late 30's go here, you will have a blast! It is so great I even shared it with friends from long ago at Roswell High School, Roswell NM (my Alma Mater) and got many emails back about our 20 year reunion....OMG! Has it really been that long?

Now go click on the blue "this"...you gotta do it....the jams will make your day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's all Fun and Games

This little cutie patootie did not want to have her picture taken. Sometimes I think God blesses me with such great "little" clients so that I can get my exercise by chasing the little munchkins around. This little girl was so adorable. Her red hair has got to be the most beautiful ever! As we played a game of hide and seek, I was able to catch her trying to be a little sneaky ducking down to hide. Ah, the joys of being 3 again...... And the joys of images we capture when people are just being themselves and having fun.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kaylee + Gabe

Kaylee has asked for a sneak peek of some engagement portraits I did for her and Gabe. Here you go Kaylee.

This couple was so fun and they were so easy to work with. They let me position them anywhere I wanted at their special "Fuji location". So quick were they to play my reindeer games and shoot around a ton of bees, trot through water, climb hills, lay in dirt, and sit on rocks. My clients truly are the best (and to say the least...fun)!

Kaylee and Gabe have chosen to get married in South Padre. They have probably been planning their wedding for years, since they were high school sweethearts. I'm tellin' ya...the love is strong. The love they have for each other is what it takes to build years of a journey we call marriage.

We are doing Kaylee's bridal portraits in a few days and perhaps she will want another sneak peek, which translates to... I can share with you. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am

Thanks for a great memory Maile!

Tag and I am

I AM …
a control freak who definitely has OCD
I WANT… to eat a ton of chocolate and have none of it go to my thighs

I HAVE … an addiction to hobbies
I KEEP... a nightlight on because I am afraid of the dark
I WISH I COULD … wear red high heels every single day
I HATE … having to go to bed at night
I FEAR … the day when my daughter does not want to snuggle
I HEAR … children as they play
I DON’T THINK … I can paint my toes as well as my pedicure lady
I REGRET … not painting my toes fire engine red last Saturday
I LOVE … when Chad sings me dumb songs
I AM NOT … ever going to pass up a massage from hubby
I DANCE … when no one is looking and when they are
I SING … to the Beastie Boys “Brass Monkey”
I NEVER … want to give up eating popcorn and milk duds (mixed together)
I RARELY … don’t want my husband to hold my hand
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … Gray’s Anatomy (ditto with Taunya)
I AM NOT ALWAYS … great with finding stuff in my messy purse
I HATE THAT … I hate to run
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … how to not overheat my SB800
I NEED …. my husband’s love forever
I SHOULD … be a better friend

Now it is Your Turn... who are you?

Monday, September 1, 2008


The smell of butter cream frosting takes me back to that special day that I shared my forever words to Chad. My wedding day. For some reason there is nothing like the smell of a fantabulous wedding cake. The smell takes me back to yester-year.

As soon as I walked into Elm's Bake Shoppe, I knew that something wonderful was going on. Indeed, Sandy and George were eagerly baking treasures for upcoming brides and grooms. The scent of butter, cream, sugar, and sweet vanilla perfumed the air. Their cakes are absolutely scrumptious and look equally as great. Simply said, an edible sculpture of art. Here are some cakes they have prepared for some very special weddings.