Friday, August 1, 2008 (hand-slap)

So many of you have been so nice sending me an email about where have I been. I finally have my life somewhat together today. I swear it is busy crazy. I would probably be in a looney-bin if I did not constantly have my "to-do" list by my side.

Today I did accomplish a lot! Yep, paid all the monthly bills, Lissy's tuition, bought some school clothes and supplies, edited a ton of pictures (of course this still is not done....Gwen...they are coming soon :), ordered a ton of prints for clients, went to a fantabulous photography workshop in Austin on Wednesday night...woohoo for my new found friends Ashley, Steve, Thao, Huyen, David Jay, and Jasmine. The workshop night was filled with several "OMAGOSH's" I know that is not a word, but my friends know I sometimes make up weird words. hehe.

So where am I today.... um.... I got a really cool lens to try out. Once I take some shots, I will post to see what you guys think. I am in the process of trying to work on "details" templates for an upcoming wedding I am doing. I found a great tutorial for it. It is super easy and captures lots of images in one location. If you go here... make something and share what you created, I would love to see it!

This is one I did:

Have a wonderful weekend! I will post more soon!


*Lissa* said...

I am so jealous that you got to go to the Free to Succeed tour!!! How was it? Did you learn a lot?

Love your details template -can't wait to see your shots with the new lens!

Christina said...

Lots going on over there! Sounds like busy but fun times. And that's one sweet lens...can't wait to see shots with it!

Brittany said...

Love the design!

Thanks for the prayers, too! :) I appreciate them! said...

I love the design too. I will be going to the seminar in NY!!! - I can't wait. :)

Huyen Nhi said...


It was definitely a pleasure meeting you and hanging out. Thanks for passing along the info for the SA workshop on 8/17. We are thinking about heading down that way so hopefully we can all catch up over some drinks. It'll be fun!

Take care!
Huyen Nhi