Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Office

Welcome to my office. Not is my living room. I do have an office, but it is not as comfy as the little couch by the big window and bird feeders. I love to sit there when I am editing a ton of pictures, reading a great book (which I found and will share with you later), or just taking five minutes to myself. Sometimes I get a grumpy look from my family when I am editing pictures, because each shoot literally takes hours to edit. That is one thing that some may not realize...if you have great pictures, your photographer probably spent a ton of hours making it just perfect for you. Photography is so much more than just a "click".

So on Monday, I was busy editing and Lissy asked if she could take a pictures with my camera (something she is not allowed to touch). Feeling like a guilty momma, I let her..... this is one that she got. Me, with my computer, trying to think how I was going to create a storyboard for a family who is expecting their first baby. Such a special time for them and wanting to create a special treasure.


Dawn McKinstry said...

What a gorgeous picture of you. You should have her take your photo more often. I sense a budding photographer!

cassandra m said...

GREAT PHOTO...she did an awesome job...better watch out for her. said...

You are so right... editing takes so much time. Try Lightroom if you don't have it. Its great!!!