Sunday, May 18, 2008

Little Lady Bug

I can't believe it, it has already been a year, maybe close to three that her mommy first told me about her. We were not sure how beautiful her eyes would be or how velvet- like her hair would be, but we knew she would be just perfect. And, that is exactly what she is. I recently had the pleasure of photographing little Lili. I was able to catch her being her sweet little self and showing off her sweet personality plus the sunglasses (check out the website). Now come on, what little kid likes sunglasses. They are way to cute, but kids just don't like um. Not little Lili, she is a diva in the making. You go girl. I can't wait till we have a play date and take some more pictures, steal a hug or two, and capture some memories. Oh, and by the way Lili, you have yourself one special mommy!


Kelly S. said...

What a wonderful photo! We still remember when Lili and her parents walked of the plane together for the first time.

She sure has turned into a sweet little thing. We just love her little expression.

The complimentary colors sure make her pop.

Thanks for sharing!

Mark Brooke Photography said...

This picture is to die for. It is so precious. I love how you write from the heart. That is something i am terrified to do :) -candice