Thursday, May 22, 2008


This past weekend I was able to meet some special "flowers", Iris and Dahlila. They are sisters and are so sweet. I met Iris at a charity event I was doing for the San Antonio Arthritis Foundation, she was busy blowing up balloons and I was busy taking pictures of her and her UTSA university organization who was also volunteering. Her sister is a high school senior in a town kinda far away, and to my advantage was searching for a photographer for her senior portraits. It was my advantage because she was so dang sweeeeeettttt! I am so lucky to come across such wonderful clients, truly blessed am I!! All of my clients are sooooo very cute, and like Dahlila, gorgeous, great personality, and it makes the event loads of fun. Dahlila let me take shots however and where ever I wanted. She allowed me to be an artist with her as my canvas. Here is a few from that morning at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. To view go to our website at .... clients.... cherish is the password.

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