Thursday, December 4, 2008

Special Heart Footprints

Great friends happen to come into our lives every now and then.  They tend to leave a special imprint on our hearts that last forever.  This year marks the 18th year of having a special person like that in my life, she is my best friend.  We have lived through final exams, mud puppy, lamprey, cat, and shark dissections in college, marriage, divorce, graduate school, childbirth, etc.  We have shared so much with one another.  We are alike, yet so different.  I love that in my friends.  They help complete who I am as a human being,  they give me that "something" that the good Lord did not provide in me.  Allison....thank you for taking time out of your life to come visit me this past week and add you dash of "life spice" to mine.  Together we are quite the recipe.  


Christina said...

What a beautiful tribute! Happy 18 years of friendship. :o)

onangelwings said...

What a sweet friendship. How lucky you are to have each other.

There is nothing like having girlfriends.