Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Hitch Your Wagon to a Star"

A very special lady has committed and become fruitful in her endeavors to achieve a doctoral degree. I admire her tenacity and perserverance. Working full time and going to school is so tiresome. Ah, the fond memories when I went to graduate school at NC State (after teaching high school biology students all day, I would then drive to Raleigh, NC for 2 hours) there were many times I wanted to give up because of sheer exhaustion. Gwen went beyond her masters degree and now is Dr. Gwen, wow, I am so proud for her. The hectic years that passed, the long drives, the research, the assignments, the this and that. You, Gwen, have become a master of it all. Congratulations and thank you for letting me capture some of your memories.

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